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Kati, Cara, and KT: Chronicling a Family's Lives.

Genres: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction.

Time is not the only thing that separates Kati Scheu Krieger and KT Cantori. Contemporary college student KT is focused on her studies, her friends, and her future. Kati, a German immigrant in 1890s New York, is focused on just one thing - she needs to survive so she can build a life for herself and her child. Her lover has abandoned her, and Kati is left to adjust to the norms of a new country by herself. Along the way, she confronts prejudice, poverty, and misogyny. To help herself cope, Kati pours her thoughts and feelings into her diary. Later, her granddaughter, Cara Maurer, translates this diary into English, and later still, Cara's granddaughter, KT, finds it when cleaning out the family attic. As KT becomes engrossed with Kati's saga and Cara's notes, she borrows strength from her ancestors to confront the challenges she's facing in her own life.