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John Nicolay

Journaling ~ Everyone has a story


This short book discusses the logic and mechanics of writing the personal journal to print. The journal is  discussed as the framework for a memoir, a day book, a family history, the writer's field notes, and as therapeutic writing.  Guidelines for editing photos and formatting for Amazon KDP  are presented. The book is used in the author's writing workshops. 

An Eclectic History of Montgomery County, VA


This volume is a collection of the newspaper articles written by the author, 1982-1986 and articles trailing the creation of the Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center in Christiansburg. The book contains unpublished research on Reconstruction in Southwest VIrginia, oral traditions of Wake Forest, and other projects.

Historic Preservation: A study in local public administration



The book is a national study on the management of community historic sites and property. The author surveyed architecture review boards in all states. He crafted a model for architectural review boards. The book has four case studies: Jonesboro, TN, Gwinnet County, GA, Gettysburg, TN, and Lynchburg, VA.