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Louise M. Mitchell



FEET UPON THE EARTH: ordinary person, extraordinary life

A young woman says yes to an unexpected meeting and unwittingly embarks on the journey of her lifetime, discovering her Spirit, connections to the Universe, and ultimately becoming a shaman. Awe laced with humor, expansive discoveries, and self-deprecation.

The question is asked, is there more to life than meets the eye? The Universe responds and takes the reader through enthralling passages of awakening. Led by Spirit Guides, the reader travels through the author’s past lives, meditations, and challenging lessons that melt the icy, sarcastic, self-protective heart.

Discovering life itself as a classroom, animals advise, stones speak, and plants provide. “Never stop learning,” one Spirit Guide encourages. “Lay your sunshine and joy on everything,” another says. The third Guide pushes, “Go through the hoops of fear that challenge you. Reach beyond the world you live in. Reach higher to find your power.” Power? What power? Confusion and curiosity propel her onward.

LAUGHING WATERS WAY, a workbook for meditation

Meditations, lessons, and journaling pages for those who want specific, experiential results from their meditations.

RAIN MAKES THE ROCK SING, book and card set, Awakening the Light Within

A great gift for Nature lovers, spiritual seekers, and anyone wanting the relief that humor and wisdom bring.

Ever pick up a little stone that catches your attention and put it in your pocket? This collection of inspirations is for you. Captured in a deck of cards (The Earth Sings For You) with explanatory book (sold as a set), the voice of wisdom that awakens the Light within. “While electronic media are common sources for daily information,” the author says, “so too, is the web of timeless knowledge woven through Nature.”


As a member of Blue Ridge Writers, Louise M. Mitchell facilitates monthly critiques and occasional retreats for the membership. She is a past president of Mountain Writers in Evergreen, CO, and a retired marketing manager. Louise is a certified Crystal Healer and Reiki practitioner. Her business name is Laughing Waters Way for which the website is currently under re-construction. Look for her first Mailchimp newsletter in the coming weeks.

She has written books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, newsletters, and business proposals. Presently, she writes, coaches, and works with her connection to Nature as a shaman. "I love awakening the laughing Light within." Grounded in Native traditions of shamanism, she facilitates shield making retreats for individuals and groups. She also facilitates meditation and writing retreats. You may see her writing in TheEchoWorld magazine and e-newsletter. Louise recently led a problem-solving meditation seminar for authors at WriterHouse.

Her non-fiction book titles include Feet Upon the Earth, the humorous adventures and discoveries of her awakening and healing from the challenging and oppressive influence of past lives, and Rain Makes the Rocks Sing, a book and card set that captures the voice of wisdom in Nature. That wisdom is helpful, insightful, and often humorous.

After living in the Colorado Rockies immersed in Nature for seven years, she relocated to the Charlottesville, Virginia, area near the Blue Ridge Mountains where she is inspired to write a visionary fiction series about a shaman and a YA faerie story for future publication. Most importantly, Louise has come to agree with the guidance she received in meditation one day: Life is Magical!

Purchase books or contact the author: TheNatureLady10@gmail.com