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Mary eLLEN jantzi


Nine Lives: horizontally and vertically

 I identify as a cat. What you see is but the topmost layer of fur. You ask my data vitae, pigeonhole me accordingly, but I have already eaten the pigeons and now pursue more challenging prey.

Everyone is far more than we assume. Including ourselves. This is partially why I write: to get to know things down to their core; to get to know myself; and to share those discoveries with you. Writing opens the door to the cage in which I am sometimes confined; spreads the entire world before me; propels me into worlds beyond this one. Writing is freedom and I do love to roam. Stalk. And sharpen my claws.

Currently I write women's fiction, a genre which allows me to include pretty much anything: a little romance, contemporary social commentary, suspense/thriller, coming-of-age stories, humor, recipes, diary/journal entries, non-fiction/facts about any topic. Actually . . . it should be called people's fiction – men are as welcome as women to read my writing.

I am a collage, as are you, with layer upon layer of collage beneath the surface. Scratch through the layers, please, because we writers write because we want to be known, want to share the deepest layer, and want to meet you there. Meow.