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Submissions for the  memoir edition are sent to nicolay0211@gmail.com by the end of May. Contact John for details. 


submissions for the annual Blue Nib contest in all genre are due by the end of June;  John is coordinating this.

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At the heart of Blue Ridge Writers' benefits, is the monthly critique session, where members give and receive constructive comments on their works in a supportive environment.

One member says, "The atmosphere is congenial; the feedback essential to improving my writing."

Another says, "It is so important to be part of a supportive community that helps me be the best writer I can be."

On the third Friday of each month, members gather at WriterHouse and the Northside Public Library in Charlottesville to critique work submitted for discussion.  Members are assigned to a small discussion group (4-6 members) that meets from 1 - 4 pm. 

Only members may submit up to ten pages of works in progress. Upon confirmation, guests may observe one session prior to joining. 

NOTE: The WriterHouse critique groups will meet July 31,  2020, instead of the regularly scheduled July 17. The Northside Library groups remain on the regularly scheduled July 17 date.

Critique Group: Magical Moments for Member Authors

Louise Mitchell

Louise M. Mitchell

Critique & Retreat Facilitator

Blue Ridge Writers

April 4, 2020

April Critique Meetings

In response to recommended social distancing requirements, our April critique group meetings are being conducted in several alternate formats: either by on-line conference, teleconference, or email. 

We plan to continue the program and provide support to member projects for the months to come as appropriate and in conformance with the open/closed status of meeting facilities and social distancing recommendations.

Interest in continuing the monthly sessions is high among participants, so we are adapting to maintain these monthly meetings. I hope you'll consider joining us, regardless of the times we're in. the benefits of participation are multi-faceted. We never know what we're going to learn from others, or how valuable our life's experiences and writing expertise can be to others.

If you have questions, email louise-mitchell@comcast.net.

BRW MEMBERS CAN contact Louise to participate in cRITIQue

Interested in Joining Critique


Volume 2, No. 1 "Poetry" is $5.38