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Stephe Seton

Four years in the mitten


Genres: humor, satire, adult situations

Stephe Seton and his girlfriend Susan move to Michigan. Stephe has accepted an assistant professor slot at Midwestern: an odd assorted of teachers, administrators, and students whose entangle lives amaze the Oregon pair. There is the professor who wears a loin cloth and collects feces; the sociopath who offhandedly ruins careers yet seems untouchable; the chair who self-indulges in his office; the depressed who takes it to the next step; the frustrated lesbian feminist and her vixen photographer lover, the office mate who can't remember where he is. Couple to this, life in the quaint, quirky town of Collard Greens where dogs get lost, septic tanks beckon, and the neighbor's coquettish daughter tracks on Stephe. Tack to this the personal and Susan and Stephe test the bond of their love for one another.remain neutral. Yes, infidelity and passion. 

Diary of a Scout


Genre: YA, humor.

Boy Scout Ziffer Jonson with help from his 9th grade journalism teacher tells ridiculous stories to illustrate each of the 12 points of the Boy Scout law. Ziffer illustrates his adventures with crazy old ranger Dan, dog nappers, bodies in the woods, naked up a tree, flooding the camp, hooking up with girls, making friends, saving lives and casting a scout in plaster. Ziffer's mother is recipe challenged and his father has advice for every situation, including Thanksgiving with the old aunt who drops dead serving the turkey and the mystery casserole Ziffer's mom made.

A Christmas Stable (Grandma's House)


Genre: YA, humor, Christmas parable

15-year-old Ziffer and his family travel across Oregon to spend Christmas with Ziffer's grandmother. It is a family reunion of sorts, but Ziffer's cousin Mary Parker holds Ziffer's attention. Christmas dinner is batter dipped chipmunk. ZIffer's mother brings a describable casserole that went untouched Thanksgiving, ZIffer relives the neurotic interactions with his other cousins. A freak blizzard forces everyone except Uncle Wilbur, who has run off in search of a ham sandwich, to stay the night. Everyone beds down. At midnight three strangers come to the house: the traveling gospel trio, the King Brothers. Mary Parker reveals her secret, the Jonson family provides a solution, and of course, there is a Christmas miracle. Ziffer's cast is a mixed mess of neurotic personalities, cobbled together as only families will tolerate.